Having Ortho-K lenses has improved my vision and has made my life a lot easier. I don’t ever have to worry about breaking my glasses or having my eyes irritated by soft contacts.

I once had to wear soft contacts for 1 month, and not only did it bother my eyes, but I hated having to use my fingers to take them out. That experience made me appreciate my ortho-k lenses so much more – I like that I only have to wear them at night and I’m able to see perfectly the next day when I take them out. They are also easy to put in and take out.

I’m able to experience life for the most part, as if I don’t have vision problems.

I also really appreciate the kindness and care that I experience when I come for my check ups. I trust Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu with my vision and I feel that they really care and want the best for my eyes, and the staff are always friendly and organized.

Thank you for everything!

Melanie L.

Burnaby BC
Ortho-K patient since Mar 2006

I have been seeing Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu for Ortho-K since about grade 4 in elementary. I had already fairly high near-sightedness at that point, around -5.00. My parents were worried about my progression as my vision had been degrading at approximately -1.00 per year up to that point. I was wearing very thick glasses.

After Ortho-K, it has arrested progression of my myopia and gives me much more freedom during the day. I was able to see during swimming classes, and in high school and university I didn’t have to wear the giant goggles during labs (that I otherwise would have to with either soft lenses or glasses.)

The biggest benefits I feel from the Ortho-K has been to prevent possible severe myopia (my mom and grandpa both have very high degrees of near-sightedness). It also has just been much more convenient not having to wear glasses or deal with soft contact lenses.

I work as a structural engineer and it really is convenient for times I have to be on-site as I can wear regular eye protection and don’t have to worry about contaminations with soft lenses.

Linda J.

Seattle, WA
Ortho-K patient since Jan 2000

Having been a patient here since 2002, I can only say that Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are simply amazing. They are both extremely knowledgeable, and they are always there to help should there be any issues.

The best thing about ortho-k lenses is that I’m able to maintain perfect vision during the day. I no longer need to worry about wearing glasses and I’m able to see things clearly.

Ortho-k lenses have also helped me to control my vision in such that I do not need to worry about changing prescriptions from time to time.

I would highly recommend ortho-k for its affordability, convenience, and most importantly, excellent results.

Kelly L.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since Jun 2002

I have been on ortho-k for 16 years. These lenses enable me to play sports and be free.

Ortho-k is a great way to live my life without the constrictions of glasses.

Jonathan L.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Sep 2001

Wearing the Ortho-K lenses for the past 16 years have been great. I started wearing them in grade 9 after realizing the words on the chalkboard in math class were blurry. And I’ve continued using them throughout high school, university, and grad school.

I don’t have to ever worry about wearing glasses and everything always looks extra crisp after a night of wearing them. They’ve improved my overall prescription so that I only need to wear them when I feel necessary.

Every visit with Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu is such a treat. They are always super friendly and it’s always like a great catch up with old friends. The girls at the front desk are always welcoming, knowledgeable and professional.

The pros of perfect vision every morning definitely outweigh the minimal cons of having to put in the contacts before bed. I rarely have any trouble with the lenses while sleeping. Highly recommend the ortho-k lenses.

Yvonne S.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Jun 2001

I’ve been a client at Dr. Lee’s office for over a decade since I was in elementary school. The optometrists and staff are genuine, kind and considerate.

The lenses and treatment are comfortable and effective. Before I received ortho-k treatment, my eyesight has been deteriorating quickly. However since then, my eyesight has been consistently stable. Not to mention the convenience of not having to wear glasses or day contacts!

One’s vision is undoubtedly an important aspect in life, as a result I feel like the clinic has assisted in my growth.

I would recommend both ortho-k and Dr. Lee’s office to people of all ages.

Jonathan Z.

Burnaby BC
Ortho-K patient since Jan 2003

I started using the ortho-k lenses when I was 8 years old. I think I had glasses when I was 6 but in 2 years my eyesight had worsened so quickly that my dad became very concerned. He heard of ortho-k through an ad and he decided to find out what it was all about. After realizing that ortho-k lenses would help stop my eyesight from getting worse, my dad started myself (and my sisters) on ortho-k.

Since then I’ve never had to wear glasses or soft contact lenses again!

As they are worn only at night (when you sleep) you are free to do anything in the daytime as usual. For example swimming was never a problem. I never had to deal with the headaches from taking off my glasses and suddenly seeing only blurriness. I didn’t have to deal with sweaty imprints from glasses on my nose either!

I think the experience of feeling like I have 20/20 vision is one of the best parts of ortho-k and I would highly recommend it. As well, Dr. Lee and his team have always made me feel well taken care of – I know I can trust them to give my eyes the best care possible!

Tiffany L.

Burnaby BC
Ortho-K patient since Aug 2000

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