Choosing to wear the lenses was a great choice. It seems much more convenient than wearing glasses all the time. I can see everything clearly and it isn’t uncomfortable at all!

Janice L.

Burnaby BC
Ortho-K patient since Jun 2006

Dr. Lee is a good man. Burdened with blurry vision and eye infections, I was aided by Dr. Lee and now I can see clearly without pain nor itch. I thank Dr. Lee, the kind man who cured my blindness and allowed me to see and enjoy the beauty of the world.

David T.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Jun 2006

Ortho-K has changed my life. I cannot imagine playing the sports that I play or living the way I do without the freedom that ortho-k provides me. Not only can I see better, I can do more.

Morris C.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since Nov 2000

I love it here! It has helped me a lot with my vision and wearing those night lenses made me feel more self-confident.

Rachel D.

Florida USA
Ortho-K patient since Nov 2010

I’ve been with Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu since 2001 and have been very happy with their service and professionalism for the past 13 years.

Even though I studied in another province and now work in another country, I always make a point of returning for new lenses and checkups because they are truly people you can trust for all you eye care needs.

Emma H.

Shanghai, China
Ortho-K patient since Nov 2001

My experience with ortho-k has been phenomenal. Dr. Lee is very thorough with all the examinations and the staff are equally welcoming and friendly.

Florence M.

Coquitlam BC
Ortho-K patient since Nov 2000

I have been wearing ortho-k lenses for abut a decade now, and so far it has been a positive experience. I haven’t had any problems with them, and the lenses really helped in preventing my eyesight from worsening. Also, not having to wear glasses all the time has been quite liberating!

Susan L.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Mar 2004