– very comforting and thoughtful
– great service (with smiles)
– personalized appointment, amiable
– sometimes might have to wait for a long time

– working very well
– effective in daytime
– comfortable and convenient
– although easy to lose them

Johnson M.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Oct 2007

I really like wearing the night contact lenses because it’s very convenient since you just sleep with them in. I haven’t had any problems with them and my eyesight is very clear every day I wear them. Because I wear them at night, I never have to worry about them becoming dry or irritating like daytime contact lens wearers since I’m sleeping.

Grace H.

Surrey BC
Ortho-K patient since Oct 2009

- Have made it easier to do sports/school related things without glasses which makes life “easier”
– Eyes haven’t gotten any worse over the year
– The lenses are easy to put on once you get the hang of them and never feel irritating
– Feels good to “wake up to a clear view”

Christina S.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Jan 2012

Ortho-K has helped with my vision throughout elementary school until now. Ortho-K helps me the most during all of my schooling because it allows me to sit wherever in the classroom and receive the best vision for learning.

My experience with Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu have been great as they were informative to my treatment and for my questions about my treatment.

Amy C.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Sep 2005

I have been wearing these ortho-k lenses for over 5 years. These lenses have benefited me in everyday life. I no longer have to worry about wearing glasses or contact lenses while I’m dancing, swimming, or playing other sports.

The doctors and everyone working at the office are very friendly, making me feel welcome every time I come for an appointment.

Amanda C.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since 2008

After I came to this ortho-k place, I could see clearer than before. The contacts were easy to put on and wasn’t much trouble. I have been here for 4 years and my experience has been wonderful.

Danica N.

Surrey BC
Ortho-K patient since Jun 2011

Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee are both very knowledgeable and my Ortho-K experience over the past 10 years has been very positive.  My eyes have not gotten worse during my treatment and I think they actually got better!  I can’t imagine living without my lenses now!

Gary L.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since Aug 2004

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