I have been wearing night time ortho-k lenses for 17 years since I was in grade 6. I enjoy the advantage of having clear vision in both daytime and night time. It is easy to take care of the lenses and I haven’t experienced any side effect from wearing the lenses all these years.

It is very beneficial to me as I go through elementary school, high school, and university without having to wear regular glasses all the time. It’s especially helpful for me when I had chemistry labs since I don’t need to worry about not able to wear lab protective glasses if I was still wearing regular glasses.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are always very friendly and very professional in providing any assistance and advice to ensure that the ortho-k lenses are working well for me. My degree of nearsightedness has not changed since I’ve been wearing ortho-k lenses.

I would greatly recommend the ortho-k lenses to anyone who is considering this option.

Sandy L.

Coquitlam BC
Ortho-K patient since May 2000

Ortho-K has been extremely beneficial to my active lifestyle. Being a person who loves to play sports and go swimming, Ortho-K has allowed me to freely partake in these activities whenever and wherever I want without fear of losing my glasses or (soft) contact lenses.

I have confidence when I get in a car that I will be able to read street signs from afar. I also have the freedom to sit in the back of big lecture halls with full confidence that I can see the lecturer’s notes.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my involvement with Dr. Lee, Dr. Wu, and all the staff here as they have made perfect vision a reality.

Timothy P.

Coquitlam BC
Ortho-K patient since Oct 2003

I’ve been coming to Dr. Lee’s office for 16 years. Ever since I started, I feel like I sort of been cheating at life, being able to get better than 20/20 vision just by going to sleep with my contact lenses on. Every visit to the office doesn’t feel like a doctor’s appointment, more like seeing friends.

For those of you who might be afraid of surgeries for corrective vision, I’d definitely recommend coming to Dr. Lee’s. You won’t regret it.

Jackey S.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Jul 2000

Throughout my 14 years as a patient, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu have consistently provided me with the most knowledgeable, professional and thorough care. Their staff is always polite and courteous both in person and on the phone.

Throughout my school years, I had the freedom of participating in a variety of activities, including sports without worrying about glasses or contact lenses getting in the way. Ortho-K has allowed me to enjoy unaided and clear vision while I go about my daytime activities.

After so many years of being an Ortho-K patient, I can confidently say that this treatment has made life much more comfortable and convenient for me.

Michelle K.

Coquitlam BC
Ortho-K patient since Mar 2001

Being on Ortho-K for over fourteen years, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with both Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu, and continue to enjoy clear vision!

Kevin T.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Aug 2002

I started Ortho-K treatment at Dr. Lee Optometry since 2005. Overall a very good experience, close to 20/20 vision and without the need to wear glasses which was very convenient, and is a non-surgical and reversible treatment.

There are many benefits to Ortho-K, one of which was to help control my eyes from getting worse. I had myopia of -6.00 before starting treatment and after over 10 years, my eye sight did not get worse.

Dr. Lee is an exceptional doctor and is very understanding and accommodating to my needs. I would highly recommend the Ortho-K treatment to anyone who does not like wearing glasses and would like to control their myopia from getting higher.

Jason H.

Burnaby BC
Ortho-K patient since Jan 2005

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu for over 14 years now. Ortho-K has changed my life. I no longer have to wear glasses or deal with issues related to wearing contacts during the day. For example, dry eyes or getting water in my eyes. It’s as if I don’t wear glasses or lenses at all.

The ladies at the office are always super nice. They warn you about the air that gets uncomfortably shot in your eye. Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are also always there making you feel like you’re part of their family.

Thank you Dr. Lee, Dr. Wu, and the beautiful girls at the office!

Jenny Z.

West Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Jan 2003

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