The ortho-K program has allowed me to study and learn without worrying about worsening vision and let me play hockey without wearing glasses.

The doctors here have been super helpful in giving me advice in how to take care of my eyes. The degree of friendliness and professionalism I have experienced in visiting here every time has been impeccable.

William L.

Pennsylvania USA
Ortho-K patient since Jul 2005

This office has always been extremely diligent and professional. All the staff and doctors are kind and proficient at their jobs.

The contacts work very well and have been much more comfortable since I moved to this office.

Daniel C.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Sep 2009

Ortho-K has been fantastic at preserving my eyesight. It is a hassle-free part of my routine and I don’t have to worry about dry eyes after a day of contacts or activities like swimming.

The doctors and staff at the clinic are always very friendly and professional. They are very accommodating and the doctors are patient in answering any of my questions. My visits are always enjoyable!

Amy C.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since Apr 2003

Ortho-K was definitely a correct choice in terms of the convenience it provided throughout my use. Long work hours in front of a computer was much more comfortable without having to wear contacts or glasses.

I also think it was very effective in terms of keeping my vision in check. When I first started, my vision was worsening at a pace of -0.75 every half-a-year. In the 14+ years of use, my vision only deteriorated -1.50 and has not changed for almost 5 years despite the 10+ hrs of computer use every day.


Ortho-K patient since Apr 2002

I have been a patient and a user of Ortho-K lenses for 13 years and my experience has all been extremely positive!

Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Eunice H.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since Sep 2003

Wearing Contacts:
– Don’t have to wear glasses
– Putting the lenses on is relatively easy
– Travelling can be a minor inconvenience (packing space etc.)

Checkup experience:
– Process is always smooth
– Everyone is friendly
– Short wait time
– Always give at least one week notice prior to check-up

Kevin Y.

Vancouver BC
Ortho-K patient since Oct 2003

I’ve been a patient for a long time now & feel that with the ortho-k contact lenses, my vision has been maintained to the similar, almost identical vision that I’ve had since I started wearing them. I like how I don’t need to wear contacts during the day & can comfortably wear it at night while sleeping. It definitely made a difference in making my daily routine more comfortable & efficient.

The environment in the office is always very welcoming, with the staff always willing to help out & answer any questions that you have. It is very inviting atmosphere where everything is orderly & very clean & kept in place. I also appreciate the flexibility of booking/changing appointment times when unexpected events occur.

All in all, I haven’t had any negative experiences since I’ve been a patient.

Lisa L.

Coquitlam BC
Ortho-K patient since Nov 2003

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