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Dr. Lee
Orthokeratology Centre

Comprehensive eye health with the best possible result for every patient

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Patients enjoy functional vision during waking hours without glasses or contacts, and wear retainer lenses nightly to maintain the results.


Pediatric Optometry

As our eyes provide our sense of sight, optometry deals with the process of vision learning in children.  Their ability to integrate all their senses into a meaningful experience is the basis for future learning.

Pediatric Optometry

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Dr. Lee Ortho-K Centre is dedicated to help restore quality of life to individuals who are visually impaired due to corneal damage from disease, injury, or surgery.

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Our Team

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are dedicated professionals, sincere in their mission to provide the best quality service and care to their patients. They always strive for the best possible result for every patient.
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Behavioural Science

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Having been a patient of Dr. Lee’s for over 10 years, I feel I have gotten to know the office quite well. This familiarity has been reciprocated over the years as we have developed a strong rapport.

In addition to the first class service that has been provided to me, there has always been a genuine sense of care; and it is this that has me coming back.

I am pleased to say that during each visit I have the peace of mind that I am in good hands.

Danny F. - Ortho-K patient since Jul 2002

I’ve been coming to Dr. Lee’s office for 19 years. Ever since I started, I feel like I sort of been cheating at life, being able to get better than 20/20 vision just by going to sleep with my contact lenses on. Every visit to the office doesn’t feel like a doctor’s appointment, more like seeing friends.

For those of you who might be afraid of surgeries for corrective vision, I’d definitely recommend coming to Dr. Lee’s. You won’t regret it.

Jackey S. - Ortho-K patient since Jul 2000

Throughout these past 17 years Dr. Lee, Dr. Wu, and staff have and continue to provide service that exceeds my expectations.

The dedication and passion they have for their clients’ wellbeing in regards to their visions allows for everyone to get through their daily lives, such as school, work, and leisure with ease.

I have never experienced anything but efficiency and excellence for customer service and care these past years.

Jordan L. - Ortho-K patient since Dec 2002