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Dr. Lee Ortho-K Centre is dedicated to help restore quality of life to individuals who are visually impaired due to corneal damage from disease, injury, or surgery.

Our goal is to provide professional services on a pro bono basis to those who have sought other forms of rehabilitation to no avail. We are offering our services on a pro bono basis because we believe that these patients should, regardless of their financial circumstances, have the gift of sight.  Most have already suffered visually, emotionally, financially, and some are even suicidal.

We want to ensure that the cost of professional services, which could run in the thousands of dollars, do not prevent these individuals from receiving further help they so desperately need.

Our pro bono basis does not apply to those who have common problems treatable by doctors in their own place of residence, nor anyone residing in British Columbia.  It also does not include the cost of materials.

Contact us about your condition and history to determine your eligibility before making an appointment.