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East and West

By June 20, 2013Behavioural Sciences

Another 5 minutes and it will be 3 o’clock.  The restaurant will be closing soon for the afternoon break.  Suddenly a man rushed in with a hungry look in his face.  He was clearly exhibiting signs of behavioral hunger as if he was just released from prison, hasn’t eaten for years.

A waiter directed him to the nearest table to be seated.  He then talked about mindsight, how to control one’s mind through mental imagery and not allow the muscles to take control of one’s behavior.  The ability to master this art makes it possible to project into the future and allow the peace of mind to fill the hunger.  Think of the mental picture of food, eating leisurely and be free from behavioral hunger.  Don’t talk, don’t speak, don’t order your food.  Just think of the whole picture.  It is the whole-to-part way of knowing a mental imagery during mind exercise, don’t even try anything that is a lower level of part-to-whole description.  Use this template as a means to change your behavioral hunger.  Coupled with some deep breathing and you will soon be fine.  It’s all in the Mind and the mental imagery that makes all the difference.  It is also called VISION.

Just as he finished, another waiter came along and interrupted the exchange.  He opened a huge volume of written text, collected over the years and placed it on the table, in front of the hungry man.  Then he explained how much money had been spent on this enigmatic brain research in human behavior.  They have progressed so far ahead now since the early days of behavioral science.  They have spent billions of dollars to pay for these work and the results are trickling in, very slowly because of insufficient funding.  It’s all in the brain.  More study is needed to pinpoint the exact location and the subsequent cascading event that led to such behavior.  We can send neurotransmitters into the exact spot and control the whole brain.  Science is great.  More money is needed.  It’s all in the brain.

The manager walked towards the table.  In his hand was a bowl of his House Special seafood noodles with tasty sauce.  The hungry man gobbled it up and felt fully satiated.  He reached into his pocket and placed a twenty dollar bill on the table.  He reckoned that it was worth that amount of money for the food and services performed.  That was the Value of the whole event.

The first 2 waiters are dualist and materialist.  The third example is a pragmatist.  In the study of behavioral science, most people have a premise that is either dualistic or materialistic.  The pragmatist can also hold to either one of these 2 types but the emphasis is in practicality, not the theory.  Most westerners are dualistic or materialistic.  They cannot appreciate an alternative of holism that is different from materialistic.  It gave rise to false holism.

Pragmatism in the East can come in many forms, either as dualism or materialism.  It is also getting increasingly difficult to find true holism in Eastern pragmatism due to the influence of Western materialism.  This is precisely the main difference that led to the current war between religious fanaticism and western materialism.  Both are stuck in 3-D mode of existence.  Science is no help because it is still looking for more money for funding.  Ask Paul Harris, he knows it very well.  As for mindsight, Steve Ingersoll is the vision expert.

In the end, the behavioral hunger was actually satisfied by the monetary transaction of values.  It was reality, not mental imagery nor brain research that solved the behavioral hunger.

The whole story is about twenty dollars…and its Value.

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