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The Art of Communicating Values

By June 20, 2013Behavioural Sciences

The gist of communication is to impart one’s value to the other party.  Regardless of whether the mode of communication is by verbal, visual, non-verbal-visual, smell, touch, or through any of the human senses, the aim of communication is to reach the Heart.

In this case, the heart of the matter is the core value system of the person.  When you managed to ‘engage’ with the person, it also means that the value system is now in synchrony like a coherent waveform.  However, it does not mean that both parties share the same and common value system.  This is the crux of the matter.  In fact, to arrive at this level of communication, one has to go beyond the physical dimensions.  The ‘heart’ of the person is the shared commonality and it resides in the brain.  It is the whole brain at work in perfect harmony with external stimuli.  This is the region of the frontal lobe-limbic system which gives rise to the Value-system.  The frontal lobe Reasoning provides the ongoing discussion and analysis while the Feelings provide the anchor for this system.  Together, it makes the diverse values of society…too diverse to be of physical entities.  We have now moved beyond the physical dimension.  It is a glimpse to the next dimension because it is the basis of organization (group formation)…from quantum particles to atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, organizations.  However, one must be aware that organization is not a true existence of nature but a creation of Man.  Therefore, it is a man-made 5th dimension.

Communicating to the Heart of the matter usually happens in the following manner.

1)  Get them young and teach them right.

2)  Beat them into submission.

3)  If talking does not work, send in the Warship along international waters outside their coasts and display some firework for them to see.  Threats are preliminary to real actions.

4)  Wars to set things right again.

In short, the aim of all modes of communication is to impart one’s value to others.  If the Reasoning alone does not work, then communicate through the painful Feelings.

The ability of the human brain to set-up its own value system begins from infancy.  This is mediated through the eyes and ears.  The first sound (heard) by the baby and the first visual experience sets the foundation to this first layer of its value-system.

Linguistic influence, as the first mother tongue of the person is also the foundation of this value-system.

Western language is different from Eastern language.  The predominance of hemispheric analysis in processing of language is also contributing to the person’s value system.

As an example, English word, sound and meaning is different from Chinese word, sound and meaning.  Thus the beginning of differentiation between ears (sound) from eyes (appearance of words) and meaning (heart of the matter).  In English, there is less brain VT needed whereas in Chinese, lots of differentiation is embedded into the child’s learning.  (I will explain this statement another time).

In Hebrews, where the vowels are written underneath the consonants, it gives rise to a slightly different brain VT, requiring more guesswork within context of the whole.

Regardless of whether it is English or Chinese or Hebrew or Arabic, the final value-system has now been replaced by the Reasoning-Feeling of the brain.  Therefore, the superficial expression of one’s language, body movement and actions is only a reflection of the inner Heart of the person.  Thus it is more accurate to decipher the Meaning, Value, Reasoning, Feeling of a person than to judge the outward appearance of ‘things/dimensions’.  We have now moved beyond physical dimension.  Remember the left brain detail analysis can only discover the Higgs Bosons at best, while the Right brain can only represent infinity with a symbol.

This art of communication can only be acquired by a lifelong process of VT, called life experience.  It cannot be based on racial, religious, social, political, demographical, business nor professional grounds.  It is based on the Reasoning process of the frontal lobe which relies on the dimensions of space-time construct as evidenced in external reality called Nature.  It is called the Tao of Nature and the reasoning within the brain is called the Tao Li.  In English, it is called The Way, The Truth and The Life…these three are synonymous.

Unfortunately, most people are embedded in their Reasoning such that the Feelings lead the Value-system rather than a true reflection of Tao.  This subjectivity is evidenced by the daily interactions with people from all walks and manners of life.

With the advent of computers, cell phones, instant messaging, etc. the ability to practice brain VT in the true sense of this therapy, is now being replaced by modern gimmicks.  The loss of space-time construct of reality will have its own repercussions and it adds another layer of complexity to be resolved, on top of so many other man-made gizmos.

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