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‘Values’ – A Fundamental Mental Process

By June 20, 2013Behavioural Sciences

This is the right track of reasoning…which will soon reach what I’ve been saying for the last few years.

And the mess that exist in this world between ‘human brains’ come from many causes, of which the following are the major ones.

1)  Having a poor match between one’s Frontal lobe with one’s limbic system, called Values.  Most people are feelings orientated and they are more emotional than objective.  If this happens in their Right Brain, they are passionate about social issues and altruistic, philanthropy work.  When it resides in the Left Brain, it is towards ‘self’ or one’s own kind or a fixed boundary of spatial coordinates (as opposed to the Right Brain that is Open Space).

2)  Too much Frontal lobe activity with lopsided match to Limbic system, called Values.  These are the bookworms, thinkers, analyzers, objective scientists, etc.  Again, if one is a Right Brain processor, it is a big picture thinker (usually Eastern style) with the tendency to ‘miss the trees for the forest’.  If one is Left Brain dominant, it is so detailed like Western thinkers, academics, scholars and scientists to the extent that one becomes a bookworm, tendency to ‘sees the trees and miss the forest’.

3)  Too much Limbic activity with lopsided match to Frontal lobe, called Values.  These are the emotional types and their passion shows in almost everything.  They tend to display more feelings than rigidly (due to left brain), dry stuff.  Their frontal lobe Reasoning is often based on Feelings i.e., with lots of excuses for all their behavior…sounds so familiar, here and everywhere.  You can guess whether it is Right Brain dominant or Left Brain with their strong Feelings towards one hemispheric side, followed by justification from their frontal lobe Reasoning, instead of equal match.

4)  Faulty philosophies of life with false premises, presuppositions, assumptions and inability to match external Truth of Reality with internal perception, called Values.  This is the cooking pot that everyone sits in.  This is the mess that is circulating round and round including the outright lies, deceits, half truths, seemingly true, etc.  Ultimately, the major fault lies in propagating a faulty concept of Anthropology…in the conceptual understanding of Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Person, etc.  Again, Right Brain will behave differently from Left Brain processor.

In short, the pathway towards Balance and Harmony of the internal brain function is not easy, and is the cause of society’s problems.  The common denominator is the Value-system.  The first step to reconcile this problem is to establish a bilateral bihemispheric brain function…led by the eyes.  This cannot be performed like a robot or physical science because the Value-system is not based on physical dimensions.  Although changing the physical dimensions will affect the value-system, the brain is now functioning beyond its own 4 dimensions.  This leads us to the basic concept of Anthropology again.

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