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Cindy M.

By September 11, 2016testimonial

I’ve been on Ortho-K treatment with Drs. Lee & Wu for 14 years now, and my vision has been stable & clear the entire time.

I started at 12 years old and being able to have perfect vision during the day has made my life so much easier – no need to squint to see in class or worry about getting my glasses smashed during sports. Some people find hard lenses uncomfortable but I got used to them in a few days, and now they actually feel comforting at the end of the day for my tired eyes.

The office here is always friendly and efficient, and I appreciate being able to come in for a quick appointment but still feel like I have the doctors’ full attention when I am here. The staff are organized and helpful, and they explain everything they do so I never feel anxious as they examine my eyes.

This office is professional yet friendly, and I recommend them and this treatment for children and for adults.