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Karen L.

By December 29, 2014testimonial

I have been wearing contacts all of my adult life. My eyesight is poor, and with fewer manufacturers making custom soft contacts, it was getting harder to find the right pair for me. For years, I accepted the fact that my contacts will not offer me ideal vision, just the convenience of not having to wear thick and heavy glasses.

At the same time, my daughter’s vision was getting worse and I wanted to get ortho-k lenses for her. I went to a top optometrist in town who told me her prescription was too strong, and ortho-k will not correct her vision well enough to allow her to see during the day without wearing glasses.

I was introduced to Dr. Lee through a friend. He examined my daughter’s eyes diligently and was able to fit a pair of ortho-k lenses for her. These lenses have worked well and she is very happy that she no longer has to wear glasses or contacts during the day.

Dr. Lee was also able to custom design a pair of gas permeable contacts for me so that I could see crystal clear. I will never forget the first time I went to watch a hockey game with the new contacts. I could see the puck so well! I wanted to give his whole office a group hug.

Dr. Lee is always up for a challenge so I ask if he could design progressive contact lenses for me. Due to my strong prescription, it was not easy but he did it. When I return for my annual visits, I hear updates on the latest lens designs and improvements. I love meeting people who are passionate about their work, and Dr. Lee is definitely one of them.