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Linda J.

By October 1, 2017testimonial

I have been seeing Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu for Ortho-K since about grade 4 in elementary. I had already fairly high near-sightedness at that point, around -5.00. My parents were worried about my progression as my vision had been degrading at approximately -1.00 per year up to that point. I was wearing very thick glasses.

After Ortho-K, it has arrested progression of my myopia and gives me much more freedom during the day. I was able to see during swimming classes, and in high school and university I didn’t have to wear the giant goggles during labs (that I otherwise would have to with either soft lenses or glasses.)

The biggest benefits I feel from the Ortho-K has been to prevent possible severe myopia (my mom and grandpa both have very high degrees of near-sightedness). It also has just been much more convenient not having to wear glasses or deal with soft contact lenses.

I work as a structural engineer and it really is convenient for times I have to be on-site as I can wear regular eye protection and don’t have to worry about contaminations with soft lenses.