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Nana K.

By December 29, 2014testimonial

The process of correcting my eye sight through wearing hard (night) lens has been quite interesting. Given that I get eye allergy easily, I was afraid that the contacts may be incompatible with my eyes. However, I haven’t had any major issues with my contacts.

The services provided by Dr. Lee’s office have been very efficient. Whenever I lost or broke my contacts, it was very easy for me to just call in and order a new pair. Also whenever I have any issues or concerns regarding my eyes, I was always able to get help immediately when I call the office to ask them for advice. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Downside of the hard lens: I can’t wear the lens when I have eye allergy (I have really sensitive eyes), which means that my vision wouldn’t be as good the next day. It is quite hard to find appropriate glasses when my degrees are always changing.

Benefits: I definitely enjoy being able to see things well without wearing contacts / glasses during the day. My nearsightedness actually improved through wearing the hard lens for 8 years.