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Ariel L.

By December 29, 2014testimonial

Since a young age, I have been wearing night contact lenses as part of the ortho-k program. I have found it very convenient although the first few months I struggled to adapt to the experience. It has helped me greatly in that I can clearly see when I’m at school, volunteer, work or just going along in my everyday tasks. I find it particularly advantageous compared to my other friends who wear day lenses in that I don’t face the trouble of having issues with my lenses in the daytime.

However, with its advantages also comes some issues. For example, the previous lenses I had seem quite prone to breaking although I do take care of them very attentively. The cracking and fragility of theses lenses have led my parents to begin considering other vision correction methods, such as glasses; however, with the current pair, I feel I would rather stick with night lenses due to its convenience and my own preferences. Another downside is the price of the lenses, which is something that never occurred to me until being scolded by parents to pay for them myself following an incident of lost lenses.

Regarding my experience at this particular office, I have always admired the cleanliness and its welcoming interior design. Although it is situated very far from my home, I feel comfortable commuting here for check-ups. As well, I am impressed with the professionalism of every individual on the staff team; I specifically appreciate having phone calls to remind me of an appointment as I am constantly forgetful. Overall, I find that having eye checkups here and being in the ortho-k program very good.