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Sandy L.

By November 13, 2016testimonial

I have been wearing night time ortho-k lenses for 17 years since I was in grade 6. I enjoy the advantage of having clear vision in both daytime and night time. It is easy to take care of the lenses and I haven’t experienced any side effect from wearing the lenses all these years.

It is very beneficial to me as I go through elementary school, high school, and university without having to wear regular glasses all the time. It’s especially helpful for me when I had chemistry labs since I don’t need to worry about not able to wear lab protective glasses if I was still wearing regular glasses.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are always very friendly and very professional in providing any assistance and advice to ensure that the ortho-k lenses are working well for me. My degree of nearsightedness has not changed since I’ve been wearing ortho-k lenses.

I would greatly recommend the ortho-k lenses to anyone who is considering this option.