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Yvonne S.

By May 4, 2017testimonial

Wearing the Ortho-K lenses for the past 16 years have been great. I started wearing them in grade 9 after realizing the words on the chalkboard in math class were blurry. And I’ve continued using them throughout high school, university, and grad school.

I don’t have to ever worry about wearing glasses and everything always looks extra crisp after a night of wearing them. They’ve improved my overall prescription so that I only need to wear them when I feel necessary.

Every visit with Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu is such a treat. They are always super friendly and it’s always like a great catch up with old friends. The girls at the front desk are always welcoming, knowledgeable and professional.

The pros of perfect vision every morning definitely outweigh the minimal cons of having to put in the contacts before bed. I rarely have any trouble with the lenses while sleeping. Highly recommend the ortho-k lenses.