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Eunice H.

By testimonial

I have been a patient and a user of Ortho-K lenses for 13 years and my experience has all been extremely positive!

Everyone in the office is extremely friendly and knowledgeable.
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Kevin Y.

By testimonial

Wearing Contacts:
– Don’t have to wear glasses
– Putting the lenses on is relatively easy
– Travelling can be a minor inconvenience (packing space etc.)

Checkup experience:
– Process is always smooth
– Everyone is friendly
– Short wait time
– Always give at least one week notice prior to check-up

Lisa L.

By testimonial

I’ve been a patient for a long time now & feel that with the ortho-k contact lenses, my vision has been maintained to the similar, almost identical vision that I’ve had since I started wearing them. I like how I don’t need to wear contacts during the day & can comfortably wear it at night while sleeping. It definitely made a difference in making my daily routine more comfortable & efficient.

The environment in the office is always very welcoming, with the staff always willing to help out & answer any questions that you have. It is very inviting atmosphere where everything is orderly & very clean & kept in place. I also appreciate the flexibility of booking/changing appointment times when unexpected events occur.

All in all, I haven’t had any negative experiences since I’ve been a patient.

Jackson Q.

By testimonial

I’ve been on Ortho-K for 10 years with Dr. Lee, and my eyes are better than everyone else I know. This is amazing because I’m staring at a screen for 8 hours a day on average.

I’ve had great experience at Dr. Lee’s office for over 10 years. Both the doctors and the staff are helpful and professional. I just wish they would open a location in Richmond.

Charlene C.

By testimonial

I have been a patient for 15 years and have had no regrets. Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee are amazing and the staff are always friendly.

My experience has been very positive and they have kept my vision better than 20/20 all these years!

Anthony S.

By testimonial

Ortho-K has really changed my life. Prior to it, my vision was getting worse by the year with increasing near-sighted degree but ever since Ortho-K my vision has stabilized and has had a great impact in my life.

In addition to improving my daily life, it has also added a great deal of convenience and freedom in my athletic life.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are highly knowledgeable and professional in what they do. I would highly recommend their services.

Michelle C.

By testimonial

– ortho-k is convenient and unobtrusive – wear during sleep
– vision is still okay if I skip a day
– maintenance of lenses is more time-consuming than regular lenses, but it’s worth it
– office is always friendly, space is open, clean and welcoming

Michael Y.

By testimonial

– great customer service, friendly
– ortho-K feels comfortable, easy to use, great for sports
– regular checkups, cares about their patients
– flexible with their scheduling
– nice view, can see gas price

Joanne L.

By testimonial

I have been with Dr. Lee’s team since 10 years ago. After a couple of years, I have moved and opted for a closer location for my ortho-k treatment. However, their lens was not as comfortable as the one I got from Dr. Lee’s and when the time came to replace the lens, I have decided to come back and have the ortho-k treatment with Dr. Lee again. They were very attentive and professional with frequent check ups to see that my treatment was on track, which is completely different than the other location I had been.

I would recommend anyone seeking this type of treatment to come to Dr. Lee’s for a comfortable yet professional ortho-k experience.

Angel H.

By testimonial

I started ortho-k in elementary school and overall it has been a great experience. My vision hasn’t gotten much worse during the entire time and haven’t had any eye discomfort or problems.

The whole office is very organized and delivers great service. Dr. Lee is very thorough and they answer any questions or concerns I may have, and generally make the appt very enjoyable.

Ortho-K has made my life more convenient because I don’t have to worry about having blurred vision in the day or wearing contacts during the daytime as well.

Kimberly W.

By testimonial

The staff here are very friendly and informative. They answer all my questions and they give clear instructions and demonstrations on my eye care.

I’ve been using the ortho-k since elementary school and it has been over six years. It has made a great difference. My vision has improved and I find it very convenient. I just wear them while I sleep at night and in the morning I can see clearly in school, etc.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like a change from wearing glasses every day.

Ellie K.

By testimonial

Dr. Lee is caring, meticulous, and patient. His consideration to every patient’s circumstances is the reason our family comes to him. Kind and welcoming staff also elevate customer experience. It is greatly appreciated to receive the expert treatment from Dr. Lee’s optometry office.

Tim L.

By testimonial

I’ve been using Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu’s ortho-k lenses for over 5 years now, and have had an outstanding experience over that time. The lens has been able to halt the deterioration of my vision over that period, which was my main objective.

The doctors and office staff have always been consummate professionals and incredibly friendly and accommodating. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed in choosing this team for your ortho-k needs.

Jim L.

By testimonial

– Very efficient and professional staff
– Never had complication with the treatment
– I was very fortunate to be introduced to this office; living without glasses is great especially for a student who likes sports

Man Wai W.

By testimonial

Ortho-K has only benefited my ease of living and my vision over the 14 years I’ve been on it. Not to mention, my eyes have not gotten worse since I started!

I’ve even moved across the country and still come back to be greeted with the most friendly staff and doctors. I can’t recommend ortho-k enough. The treatment gives you the freedom of not having to wear glasses and best yet, you don’t even have to wear contacts during the day.

Jenny S.

By testimonial

Experience with Ortho-K Lens

– very happy wearing them for about 14 years
– don’t have to worry about glasses or day contact lens during the day
– great, clear vision during the day
– now as easy and routine as brushing your teeth after using ortho-k lens for many years

Interacting with the Staff

– everyone is professional, friendly & approachable
– both optometrists (Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu) are excellent, great doctor-client relationship
– receptionists very understanding with last minute appointments & cancellations due to unexpected circumstances

Reika Y.

By testimonial

I have been using these contact lenses for nearly 9 years now and have had no problems throughout my use. There is little to no discomfort, and I probably cannot imagine my day without these lenses.

The checkups are very efficient and very informative of how my vision is doing. It is extremely comfortable to be able to see during the day with my bare eyes.

Tommy T.

By testimonial


– super friendly staff, very warm & welcoming
– attentive care
– office is bright and clean, always a nice atmosphere


– transformed my life; I’m very active and not needing to wear glasses/contacts makes things easier
– alternative to laser surgery
– it’s relatively comfortable, easy to upkeep and you only need to wear them while you’re sleeping
– no side effects, vision is perfect!

Edwin T.

By testimonial

I started ortho-k treatment when I was quite small. It has greatly improved my vision. It is a completely painless process and I feel that the technology behind the contact lenses has improved a lot since I started the process.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu have taken good care of me and I have not had any issues in the many years that I have been seeing them. Overall the treatment and the clinic are quite good and I have no complaints!

Mike L.

By testimonial

Great alternative for people who get extremely dry eyes wearing normal contact lenses during the day.

Since you don’t have to wear lens during the day, it is also extremely convenient for those active in water sport.

Dr. Lee is extremely helpful and patient with any questions or problems you have.

Darren H.

By testimonial

I’ve been coming to this office for well over a decade and am happy to say that I will probably continue to come for the next decade as well.

The staff here have always been nice and helpful to me; my trips to the eye doctor’s have never been anything less than pleasant.

I feel that Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu genuinely care about me as a person and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a long-term patient-doctor relationship with their optometrist.

Shanna W.

By testimonial

My experience at Dr. Lee’s office has been amazing. Not only have my contacts changed my life, but every visit has been an absolute pleasure. The staff is warm and friendly, and I am always greeted by a smile.

For 10 years now I’ve been coming to this office, because I know the service is one I can rely on and trust.

Thank you, for always making me feel welcome!

Keane Y.

By testimonial

I have been wearing ortho-k for more than 10 years. It is great because I only need to worry about wearing it at night. The results after taking off the ortho-k the next morning is better than 20/20 vision.

Cecilia T.

By testimonial

I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu. They are both approachable and kind. They have helped me to see well and comfortably for the past decade.

I’m very glad to be using the ortho-k contacts, which corrects my vision at night. Friends have always shown curiosity and fascination that I don’t require any sort of lenses or glasses during the day and I’d happily recommend they try it too.

Lily H.

By testimonial

I have been seeing Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu for over 12 years to receive ortho-k treatment. My vision has been consistent throughout these years & both doctors have always been approachable & available to answer any of my concerns.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee’s office for anyone seeking a hassle-free alternative to clear vision!