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Vikki K.

By testimonial

From the young age of 6, I started wearing ortho-K as an alternative to all the other conventional options in the market. Now as a fresh university undergraduate, I still visit Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu for my yearly check-ups.

Ortho-K has helped made my daily life convenient with a clear vision. I have been able to perform in my dance recitals without the hassle of glasses, pass my driving test with ease, and attend lectures without struggling to read the classroom board.

Being able to wake up to seeing 20/20 for the past 16 years has been an absolute blessing and privilege, and this is all thanks to Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu!

Jeffrey T.

By testimonial

I’ve been with Dr. Lee Orthokeratology Center for over 15 years now. I love having clear vision without the need for contacts or glasses during the day. It has definitely made my daily routines much more convenient.

Eye checkups with Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu has also been very enjoyable as both of them are very patient and approachable. They are very meticulous with the examinations and I have been satisfied with the outcome each time.

Michelle W.

By testimonial

After being on ortho-K for over 10 years, I can honestly say that it has been one of the best decisions I have made.

It is a form of vision correction that is convenient, effective, and easy to use. I am able to go about my daily life without the added hindrance of glasses, and without any discomfort.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are both attentive and thorough, and have contributed to an excellent experience. I highly recommend ortho-K to anyone who is in need of vision correction.

Anthony L.

By testimonial

I have been wearing ortho-K lenses for 13 years and it has been a very rewarding experience that allowed me to have near perfect vision without the use of glasses. The ortho-K lenses are easy to wear since it only requires wearing them at night and allows for clear vision in the day. This is extremely beneficial as I engaged in an active lifestyle since I was young, and the lenses removed the worry of the glasses getting in the way.

Throughout the 13 years that I have been visiting Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu, I have received a friendly, knowledgeable and professional experience. My vision has also remained the same since the beginning of the treatment.

I would recommend anyone who dislikes wearing glasses to visit Dr. Lee & Dr. Wu and consider the Ortho-K treatment.

Nicole X.

By testimonial

I’ve been on ortho-K for 13 years and the experience has been great. I started in Grade 5 and not having to worry about glasses, wearing contacts during the day was really helpful.

The ortho-K contacts has also helped me maintain my prescription and I can proudly say that I have 20/20 vision during the day without worrying about anything!

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are wonderful people to work with and have been helpfuol in improving my eyesight.

Derick P.

By testimonial

I’ve been a patient for almost 14 years now, and the experience has been entirely positive. The ortho-k product has changed my life!

I was very active and competed in Taekwondo tournaments regularly. I loved not having to wear anything during my competitions and during the day!

The staff and doctors at Dr. T.F. Lee Optometric Corp. have made me feel at home.
Come join the family!

Sandy L.

By testimonial

I have been wearing night time ortho-k lenses for 17 years since I was in grade 6. I enjoy the advantage of having clear vision in both daytime and night time. It is easy to take care of the lenses and I haven’t experienced any side effect from wearing the lenses all these years.

It is very beneficial to me as I go through elementary school, high school, and university without having to wear regular glasses all the time. It’s especially helpful for me when I had chemistry labs since I don’t need to worry about not able to wear lab protective glasses if I was still wearing regular glasses.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are always very friendly and very professional in providing any assistance and advice to ensure that the ortho-k lenses are working well for me. My degree of nearsightedness has not changed since I’ve been wearing ortho-k lenses.

I would greatly recommend the ortho-k lenses to anyone who is considering this option.

Timothy P.

By testimonial

Ortho-K has been extremely beneficial to my active lifestyle. Being a person who loves to play sports and go swimming, Ortho-K has allowed me to freely partake in these activities whenever and wherever I want without fear of losing my glasses or (soft) contact lenses.

I have confidence when I get in a car that I will be able to read street signs from afar. I also have the freedom to sit in the back of big lecture halls with full confidence that I can see the lecturer’s notes.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my involvement with Dr. Lee, Dr. Wu, and all the staff here as they have made perfect vision a reality.

Jackey S.

By testimonial

I’ve been coming to Dr. Lee’s office for 16 years. Ever since I started, I feel like I sort of been cheating at life, being able to get better than 20/20 vision just by going to sleep with my contact lenses on. Every visit to the office doesn’t feel like a doctor’s appointment, more like seeing friends.

For those of you who might be afraid of surgeries for corrective vision, I’d definitely recommend coming to Dr. Lee’s. You won’t regret it.

Michelle K.

By testimonial

Throughout my 14 years as a patient, Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu have consistently provided me with the most knowledgeable, professional and thorough care. Their staff is always polite and courteous both in person and on the phone.

Throughout my school years, I had the freedom of participating in a variety of activities, including sports without worrying about glasses or contact lenses getting in the way. Ortho-K has allowed me to enjoy unaided and clear vision while I go about my daytime activities.

After so many years of being an Ortho-K patient, I can confidently say that this treatment has made life much more comfortable and convenient for me.

Kevin T.

By testimonial

Being on Ortho-K for over fourteen years, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with both Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu, and continue to enjoy clear vision!

Jason H.

By testimonial

I started Ortho-K treatment at Dr. Lee Optometry since 2005. Overall a very good experience, close to 20/20 vision and without the need to wear glasses which was very convenient, and is a non-surgical and reversible treatment.

There are many benefits to Ortho-K, one of which was to help control my eyes from getting worse. I had myopia of -6.00 before starting treatment and after over 10 years, my eye sight did not get worse.

Dr. Lee is an exceptional doctor and is very understanding and accommodating to my needs. I would highly recommend the Ortho-K treatment to anyone who does not like wearing glasses and would like to control their myopia from getting higher.

Jenny Z.

By testimonial

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu for over 14 years now. Ortho-K has changed my life. I no longer have to wear glasses or deal with issues related to wearing contacts during the day. For example, dry eyes or getting water in my eyes. It’s as if I don’t wear glasses or lenses at all.

The ladies at the office are always super nice. They warn you about the air that gets uncomfortably shot in your eye. Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are also always there making you feel like you’re part of their family.

Thank you Dr. Lee, Dr. Wu, and the beautiful girls at the office!

Henry D.

By testimonial

Having been a patient of Dr. Lee’s Ortho-K clinic for 11 years, I can safely say that they have made my vision and standard of living better. Before starting treatment, my vision was deteriorating. However, after treatment, it has not gotten worse since.

Dr. Lee and his team are extremely professional & answered any questions that I had. Furthermore, the treatment is extremely convenient as it corrects your vision as you sleep, so it is very useful for those who want a more hassle-free lifestyle.

I highly recommend Dr. Lee & his team for anyone considering Ortho-K.

Tommy N.

By testimonial

The whole ortho-k experience has far exceeded my expectations.

Originally, the intent for using ortho-K lenses was to avoid wearing glasses as a child who was active with sports. But 15+ years later, I have still yet to reconsider going back to wearing glasses or normal lenses since the whole ortho-K experience has gone so smoothly.

The doctors here have all been great and are always happy to see me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in getting corrective lenses.

Joanne L.

By testimonial

I have been with Dr. Lee’s team for over 10 years and my ortho-K treatment has helped me a lot through my years from school and even until now that I have graduated from my undergrad.

Definitely recommend anyone seeking ortho-K treatments with Dr. Lee’s friendly and professional staff!

Cindy M.

By testimonial

I’ve been on Ortho-K treatment with Drs. Lee & Wu for 14 years now, and my vision has been stable & clear the entire time.

I started at 12 years old and being able to have perfect vision during the day has made my life so much easier – no need to squint to see in class or worry about getting my glasses smashed during sports. Some people find hard lenses uncomfortable but I got used to them in a few days, and now they actually feel comforting at the end of the day for my tired eyes.

The office here is always friendly and efficient, and I appreciate being able to come in for a quick appointment but still feel like I have the doctors’ full attention when I am here. The staff are organized and helpful, and they explain everything they do so I never feel anxious as they examine my eyes.

This office is professional yet friendly, and I recommend them and this treatment for children and for adults.

Gina T.

By testimonial

Ortho-K has given me the freedom of not wearing glasses as it is not comfortable or good-looking. The process is quite hassle-free, lenses can last a while. Only thing is the result is not permanent. May consider laser eye surgery in the future.

Great office atmosphere, appointments can be made quite easily. Nice friendly staff.
Dr. Lee is quite chatty and humorous.

Irina C.

By testimonial

It’s been great having clear vision without needing glasses or disposable contacts.

Wearing the lenses at night has been very convenient.

The office is very bright and spacious. The staff are very friendly as well.

Kristina C.

By testimonial

I have been doing Ortho-K for 14 years now and it has been such a blessing. My vision has even improved over the years and it is sharper than ever.

The office and staff are as wonderful as the treatment. It is a pleasure to be a client here. I feel very looked after.

Daniel L.

By testimonial

I am extremely thankful for everything Ortho-K has done for me. Ortho-K has completely changed my life. These incredible contacts are hassle-free and definitely the better alternative to glasses.

Not only has it allowed me to see perfectly despite my terrible -4.00 eyesight, my eyes have maintained their original condition for the past 13 years.

The staff and Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are the most welcoming and detail-oriented people you will meet. I am always greeted with a friendly smile. Every visit is incredibly enjoyable.

William L.

By testimonial

The ortho-K program has allowed me to study and learn without worrying about worsening vision and let me play hockey without wearing glasses.

The doctors here have been super helpful in giving me advice in how to take care of my eyes. The degree of friendliness and professionalism I have experienced in visiting here every time has been impeccable.

Daniel C.

By testimonial

This office has always been extremely diligent and professional. All the staff and doctors are kind and proficient at their jobs.

The contacts work very well and have been much more comfortable since I moved to this office.

Amy C.

By testimonial

Ortho-K has been fantastic at preserving my eyesight. It is a hassle-free part of my routine and I don’t have to worry about dry eyes after a day of contacts or activities like swimming.

The doctors and staff at the clinic are always very friendly and professional. They are very accommodating and the doctors are patient in answering any of my questions. My visits are always enjoyable!


By testimonial

Ortho-K was definitely a correct choice in terms of the convenience it provided throughout my use. Long work hours in front of a computer was much more comfortable without having to wear contacts or glasses.

I also think it was very effective in terms of keeping my vision in check. When I first started, my vision was worsening at a pace of -0.75 every half-a-year. In the 14+ years of use, my vision only deteriorated -1.50 and has not changed for almost 5 years despite the 10+ hrs of computer use every day.