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Neurones of the Mind

By June 13, 2013science

Warning.  May not be suitable for left brain processors.  Read with an open mind.

Most people associate ‘thinking’ with thoughts that occur only in the frontal lobe.  This is the biggest misconception.  Then they assume that the ‘mind’ only refers to the ‘thinking’ in the frontal lobe.  And they also assume that the neuronal processing only occurs in that region of the brain.  Using fMRI, they try to prove that parts of the brain is only actively involved and thus the thinking process is occurring only at a specific region.

The concept of ‘Mind’ as a reference to one’s thinking process has led to the assumption that it is a logical reasoning process of the frontal lobe.  The Emotional center of the Limbic system is ignored as if it is incapable of having its own thoughts.  Again, such dissociation between the Logical Frontal Lobe and the deeper Emotional center is one of the dichotomy of human existence.

In other words, most people associate their ‘Mind’ or mental activity with logical thinking whereas their emotions or feelings are void of thoughts.  In short, they would say, a person is ‘irrational, not logical, incapable of reasoning, lost his mind, etc.’ reverting to lower form of cerebral activity.  They have assumed that people who based their everyday experience on emotional feelings are regarded as second class humans.  Thus they elevate and promote the frontal lobe as if it should be the ultimate goal of learning.  They pursue the same goal in schools and universities.

By dividing a person into such artificial separation or categories, we have created our own frankensteins in society.  A constant battle between those who are too logical and void of compassion is an example of the different values of life.  My previous post has already explained the meaning of Value and the establishment of the Value-System in the human brain.

Without a proper Match of one’s Reasoning with one’s Limbic system, the cerebral processing mechanism is constantly habituating in a distorted and warped sense of Value.  This faulty neuronal pathway is resistant to change from its own deformed cellular structure and neuro-chemical facilitation/function.  With prolonged usage over time, toxic substances are also formed in close proximity to the neuronal cell.  It will not be surprising to discover that one of the cause of plaque formations(?) or taus or beta-amyloids may be due to faulty cellular metabolism, induced by poor function due to lack of proper matching of all the brain regions.  In other words, a healthy neurone requires a complete feeding-in and feeding-back of all other regions to keep it in a constant state of balance/flux.

The words of the religious teachers and philosophers will come together and make perfect sense in the world of the neuro-scientists when they discover that a neurone cannot live in isolation from its environment, both immediate and afar.

The Mind encompasses both the Thoughts (logical) of the frontal lobe and the Feelings of the Heart.  The matching is called Values.

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