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Neurones of the Mind

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Warning.  May not be suitable for left brain processors.  Read with an open mind.

Most people associate ‘thinking’ with thoughts that occur only in the frontal lobe.  This is the biggest misconception.  Then they assume that the ‘mind’ only refers to the ‘thinking’ in the frontal lobe.  And they also assume that the neuronal processing only occurs in that region of the brain.  Using fMRI, they try to prove that parts of the brain is only actively involved and thus the thinking process is occurring only at a specific region.

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The Essence of Personality

By science

Warning.  May not be suitable for intolerant minds.

What is personality?

The internal perception of a person is based on the internal Value-system.

The external speech and actions are the outward behavior, also based on the Value-system.

Everything resides in the brain.

In other words, VISION subserves the Value-system.  Let me explain.

Without a proper word for higher brain function, I believe early founding fathers of behavioral optometry were at a loss of words to describe VISION in greater details.  With modern neuroscience, fMRI, PET scans, etc. and other research work, it becomes very necessary to explain details of the inner workings of the human brain in conjunction with human behavior.

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