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The Essence of Personality

By June 8, 2013June 21st, 2017science

Warning.  May not be suitable for intolerant minds.

What is personality?

The internal perception of a person is based on the internal Value-system.

The external speech and actions are the outward behavior, also based on the Value-system.

Everything resides in the brain.

In other words, VISION subserves the Value-system.  Let me explain.

Without a proper word for higher brain function, I believe early founding fathers of behavioral optometry were at a loss of words to describe VISION in greater details.  With modern neuroscience, fMRI, PET scans, etc. and other research work, it becomes very necessary to explain details of the inner workings of the human brain in conjunction with human behavior.

If the brain’s Value-system is based on the matching of one’s internal Reasoning (at the frontal lobe) and Feelings (at the Limbic Center), it becomes possible to perceive all sorts of combinations of personality (based on my assumption and fundamental premise).  Thus we can appreciate the failures of previous attempts by so many others who are stuck at the 3-D level of analysis e.g., ABO blood group to determine personality traits.  We have to be careful of not falling into the same category.  The only means to prevent this, is to analyse each data and conclusion at its own dimensional level.  In other words, Values are not restricted to its 3-D structure or 4-D function.  It has a higher and deeper meaning.  Thus I fully agree when Skeffington said, (if he said it), ‘Vision is the derivation of MEANING, and the directing of Actions.’

Meaning is simply the Value or Worth of an Object (1-3 D) or Event (4th D)…again, my own definition.

VALUE is the core essence of the Personality.  It drives the person.  It is the seat of the SOUL as described by religious writings but elusive to modern man.  It is the investigation of neuroscience and the desire of robotic engineering.

Vision as eyesight transfers to VISION in the frontal cortex as Reasoning, as well as Feelings in the limbic system to form the basis of the human VALUE-system in the brain.  The equation is

Value = [Reasoning ~ Feeling], where ~ = (matching)

[ ] = integration of Right and Left Brain (General and Specific) from 1 D to 4 D

The 2 hemispheres provide the 2 concepts of General and Specificity.  Thus there are 4 possible combinations of Reasonings and Feelings in differing proportions of each, giving rise to limitless number of personality traits.

It is normal to have general feelings to general concepts, specific feelings for specific objects/details/issues or concepts.  This value-system is the basis of human Values.  Problems arise when a general statement/issue is being taken to a specific issue leading to specific feelings of anger, etc., calling forth of a mismatched Value within a person.  The resultant behavior is the expression of the person’s value system.  Those people who are most prone to such mismatches are people whose ability to use their eyes and ears in a proper match has not been well defined by their neuronal synapses.  This can occur because of structural fault or faulty neuronal circuitry.  In both cases, it is the result of habituation.  Schizos, BPD, etc. are such examples of left/right mismatch.  This includes strabismics or one-eyed persons.  Fortunately, the ears provide the balancing effect for such values.  If not, a definite high tendency towards instability of thinking style is highly probable.  The Choice is the determinant, driven by the habituated value itself.

Therefore, the eyes have function just as important as other sense organs.  The ears have functions which the eyes cannot perform.  The fact that the eyes lead the other senses means precisely this, ‘That Vision leads’.  Most of the time, VTODs imply that VISION replaces the other senses instead of VISION leads.  There is such a distinctly big difference in the above 2 statements that it is elusive to most readers and can only be discovered and exposed when we go through their premise and assumptions in their own words and postings, which is a reflection of their internally held values.

The value-system of the brain is supposed to be stable so that it can give stability to the organism.  This value-system is fed by the eyes and ears with equal importance.  Other senses are also important in regards to their contributions towards the Reasoning or the Feeling aspect of the person.

The decussation of the optic nerves ensures that the 2 sides of the brain are properly informed, but the dominance of the eye tells a story of the processing dominance and preference.  This must not be taken with a narrow-minded view by ignoring the dominance of the ears, for together, they contribute to the final match of Reasoning and Feeling, whether general or specific, depending on whether Right or Left brain dominance.

Thus the misconception of the details/big picture occurred, as if it is only a retinal function of VISION has led to many VTODs interpretation of VISION being the ultimate sense of a person.  This faulty premise must be set right before other professionals will discuss any behavioral science with ODs.

This topic of discussion and the ramifications of the combinations of the Eyes/Ears in terms of general and specific aspects of life in forming values within society is an everyday phenomenon that is verifiable by everyone here, with or without any academic studies, journals with or without peer-reviewed.  It is so fundamental, basic and common sense, it is embarrassing for me to say that I have not said anything new.  I am merely describing an externally observed phenomenon from the perspective of a human brain.

In summary, the brain is a dimensional processor, capable of processing beyond its own dimensional existence.  The Value-system comprised of Reasoning/Feeling match, the dominance of each eye or ear being very significant to this processing of information.  Right brain for General, Left brain for Details.  It is the basis of the value-system and is also the constant changing values of the person from habituation of the neuronal activities.

Human behavior is the same for all ages since it is a brain function.  There is nothing new under the sun in terms of human behavior.  Values remain the same regardless of outward appearance.  New inventions and discoveries are only in terms of science and technology.  Killing a man with a knife is the same as killing with a gun.  Both are driven by fundamental values of hate or self preservation or whatever reasoning to suit the feeling.  There are differences of intensity depending on the intensity of ‘feelings’ component in the Value formula.  It is the Value-system that drives the person’s behavior at that instant in time.  Premeditated murder (before commission) is very close to murder but not yet.  Killing a person in an ancient society with bare hands is driven by the same value if it is committed today with a hatchet.  Thus, VISION must be interpreted and explained in the light of this common observation.  When human behavior is concerned, everyone hack clash royale with a human brain is an expert opinion based on one’s own value.  Observation of human behavior is more realistic and truthful than sterile academic study.  Do not let the neuroscientists tell us how to think.  Our own observation of human behavior is more accurate and reliable than currently held arrogance of pseudo-science.