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Nancy Z.

Richmond BC
Ortho-K patient since Oct 2010

Thank you so much for correcting my vision!!! Life has been so much easier!
I would recommend everyone to this treatment – you will never regret it!

The Art of Communicating Values

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The gist of communication is to impart one’s value to the other party.  Regardless of whether the mode of communication is by verbal, visual, non-verbal-visual, smell, touch, or through any of the human senses, the aim of communication is to reach the Heart.

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East and West

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Another 5 minutes and it will be 3 o’clock.  The restaurant will be closing soon for the afternoon break.  Suddenly a man rushed in with a hungry look in his face.  He was clearly exhibiting signs of behavioral hunger as if he was just released from prison, hasn’t eaten for years.

A waiter directed him to the nearest table to be seated.  He then talked about mindsight, how to control one’s mind through mental imagery and not allow the muscles to take control of one’s behavior.  The ability to master this art makes it possible to project into the future and allow the peace of mind to fill the hunger.  Think of the mental picture of food, eating leisurely and be free from behavioral hunger.  Don’t talk, don’t speak, don’t order your food.  Just think of the whole picture.  It is the whole-to-part way of knowing a mental imagery during mind exercise, don’t even try anything that is a lower level of part-to-whole description.  Use this template as a means to change your behavioral hunger.  Coupled with some deep breathing and you will soon be fine.  It’s all in the Mind and the mental imagery that makes all the difference.  It is also called VISION.

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Beyond 20 / 20

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Vision is more than eyesight.  We trust our eyes more than any of our other senses.  In most cases, what we see is our only perception of reality and it directs all our actions, beliefs and judgement.

Pediatric Optometry

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We start learning the moment we exist in our mother’s womb. The learning environment inside the womb is very different after birth. Nevertheless, this prenatal learning is equally important for the future growth of the person in the real world. It sets the stage for the next phase of human development – pediatrics.

Two is Better than One

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are dedicated professionals, sincere in their mission to provide the best quality service and care to their patients.  They always strive for the best possible result for every patient.